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Employee Poster Series

The Challenge: 

Anthem wanted its employees to exercise more and get healthier through its Jump Rope Challenge. The company asked us to create a compelling series of posters to get their employees’ attention. The direction was ours to choose.


The Solution: 

We decided not to lecture, spout facts or implore Anthem’s employees to exercise more for the sake of the people who love them. (Sniff.) Instead, we gently prodded them with humorous headlines and informative copy.


When it came to the design, we had to balance the need to work within the company’s very strict branding guidelines with our desire to create fun posters that would get attention. How did we do it? First, we made the posters simple and clean. Next, we incorporated Anthem’s required signature “skewed box” imagery while making it more interesting by developing a background pattern that incorporated the boxes. Finally, for a little extra fun, we made one poster “cheddar cheese” yellow, another “strawberry shake” pink and the third “Starbucks latte” tan.

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