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VCU Advancement:

Black-tie Party Invitation

The Challenge: 

Virginia Commonwealth University was holding a black-tie party to kick off a hugely important capital campaign. Unfortunately, VCU was competing with the University of Richmond and the Richmond Symphony, both of which were courting the same donor pool with high-profile parties during the same month. We couldn’t send out a typical invitation to the event, that much was obvious. In fact, it had to be anything but typical.


The Solution: 

Rather than designing a one-dimensional invitation, we wanted to send a package that would feel very special. We thought about including a champagne glass. (Overdone.) How about chocolate? (Nope. It would melt.) Then we came up with the idea of sending a single, flawless orchid.


We constructed a makeshift box complete with a water vial. Then we mailed an orchid to our office and let the box sit outside for a week. When we finally opened the package, the orchid was still perfect.


Now it was time to really design the box, which folded into a triangle. Additionally, we incorporated triangular images on all panels and added a gold foil seal. The invitation box was placed in a durable outer box to prevent damage in shipping.


The event had a phenomenal turnout, which made the invitation well worth the effort.


Flowers purchased with non-state funds.

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