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University of Richmond: 

Endowment Fund Annual Report

The Challenge: 

Our client had a couple of goals for this annual report, which went out to people who had donated to the university’s endowed scholarships. They wanted a look that was classic enough to convey the university’s long history, but modern enough to communicate its relevance in today’s educational environment.


The Solution:  

We used gray, uncoated felt-finish paper to give the piece a nice “hand-feel” and classic look, then combined it with typography that was fresh and modern. The strategically placed images supplied an extra visual boost, especially the energy of the girl in the pink shirt. The dynamic cropping of her photo provided a captivating uplift to the classic look and texture of the piece.

The client loved the annual report immediately. So did the industry. The job was presented with several awards, including a CASE award (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) for our efforts.

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