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Brand, Logo + Website

The Challenge: 

Every day, business owners work with coaches, consultants, accountants and attorneys. While these business relationships are important and productive, they’re not typically thought of as fun. On the other hand, when a business owner works with a creative person – a copywriter or graphic designer, for instance – fun is exactly what the experience should be. The logo and website for iwritewords, a firm that writes marketing copy, needed to communicate that.


The Solution: 

The logo needed to feel professional and fun at the same time. We paired a modern font with a smiling face – a literal expression – to convey the talent of the company’s president for written expression. The big smile communicates the sheer joy she gets from the written word.


The logo came out so well, we decided to use it as the anchor for the website’s home page. While many sites rely on lots of color, bells and whistles to impress, we kept it simple. We used generous amounts of white space to help the logo really shine. We also kept the design clean and modern to help the owner’s portfolio pieces stand out, which was the primary goal for the site.


When it came to programming, we had our web developer add some fun and thoughtful touches. We made one of the eyes wink on a continuous 10-second loop. We also programmed five images to rotate through the “o” in “words,” each clicking to a corresponding piece of work.

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